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London’s best group fitness venues… 1REBEL

March 4, 2016
1 Rebel London Group Fitness Review Series

As many of my PT clients will know..

..I love a good fitness analogy. I invent quite a few and steal plenty off other good coaches too. Allow me to introduce my ‘fitness coin’ analogy; it’s a simple one; imagine your training consisting of 2 sides of the same fitness coin. On one side there is ‘energy output’ whilst on the other side there is ‘controlled environment’.

Ideally you want your fitness coin to be nice and balanced.

Your ‘controlled environment’ training often takes place in the gym (but not necessarily). It is based around a series of particular movements, at calculated loads, to achieve a particular desired outcome that often revolves around improving physiology and/or targeting the growth of specific muscles.

Your ‘energy output’ training focuses on just what it says on the tin…expending energy (for various goals e.g training for an event, improving endurance, increasing aerobic capacity, burning fat, etc). The intensity can vary – it may be something as simple as taking the dog for a walk or using the stairs at work instead of the lift. Moving up the scale the middle ground may be enjoying a countryside cycle or doing some hill runs. The higher end of the scale is your high intensity training that sits near the top of the pyramid. This is where 1Rebel proudly sit as they get participants to do the hard work that is SO hard to do alone.

Finding the motivation, the direction and the energy to train the top end of your energy output is not easy.

1Rebel have pieced together the puzzle and have presented it in the form of what feels like a party…my kinda party.

IMG_5476I popped along to their RUMBLE class that focuses on boxing. With just the bag and my boxing mitts in the way of equipment I wondered how much variety there would be during the session…it turns out a lot!

The session started with a quick warm up and a few pointers on boxing technique. Very soon the heart rate was up…along with the sound system. Relentless punching, kicking and even slapping variations on the bag were offset with floor work. Just when the arms and shoulders were giving up, in came the squat jumps, mountain climbers and more…too much to mention. Awesome.

Wave after wave of clever boxing and bodyweight combinations surged onwards under a veil of strobe lights and deep dark beats.

Half way through..

..things started to get really tough but the atmosphere both inspired and motivated. Looking around at everyone else working so hard in the shadows whilst punching to the relentless beats, I found myself enjoying the pain. If I were to try and achieve the same levels of energy output alone in some quiet room it would be tricky, maybe impossible – it’s easy to see why so many people keep flocking back to 1Rebel for more punchy portions and to get their kicks.

* To keep some consistency within my series of reviews on London’s top group fitness venues I have devised a rating system that I will apply to every experience I have – hopefully this will help you to decide what venues would best suit you. I love being a ‘fitness tourist’ myself and would encourage you to have a little exercise roaming in your life too…

With that in mind, here is my rating system being applied to 1Rebel:

1 Rebel Training Atmosphere

1 Rebel Training Atmosphere

1: Training Environment/Atmosphere: I hope I painted a clear picture on this one – this is what 1Rebel do!!!! A very cool place to get sweaty (if you’re hip and down with the kids like me of course), you could turn up feeling like the last thing on earth you want to do is exercise…pretty soon you’ll be high wired and smashing it like a goodun!

 2: Coaching Style: These trainers are highly energetic and motivating, they must sleep well at night that’s for sure. Coaching is done at a fast pace to keep the momentum of the class up so make sure you’re on your tippy toes and reeeeeady to RUUUUUUUMBLE from the start!

3: Equipment: You get your own inner glove wraps upon arrival for your first session, which is a nice touch. The boxing mitts themselves are high quality and comfy…they make you feel pretty invincible too. It is clear 1Rebel have put an emphasis on high quality spec throughout their gyms and this is clearly evident in the quality of all the equipment on show.

The details go right down to the towels – if you want a chilled towel sure, just help yourself from the towel fridge! Again, nice touch.

 4: Bedside Manner/Customer Service: One word springs to mind…’ONNIT’!!! Clearly taking their cues from the highly regarded gyms of New York you can expect customer service with a smile…before you then have your ass served to you. With a smile.

My Knack Factor

My Knack Factor

5: My ‘Knack Factor’ – how knackering was it? My Instagram video shows me crawling out of the session, quite literally. Was I exaggerating???? Well you’ll just have to get your pretty self down there to find out won’t you! If you like working hard expect a knack factor of 8/10…with room to push up to a 9 if you’re feeling particularly beastly (boss being a dick? Get down to RUMBLE. Simples).

In summary – One of ‘THE’ London atmospheres to train in. Feeling punchy? Get swept away into a high-energy workout in a cool environment with cool people…just like me (I keep saying that even though its unfounded). Go hard!

Ps – There is also the option of the RIDE class, which is designed around spinning.

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