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Do I still have time to get fit this summer?

April 29, 2015

If all of this recent warm weather has put you in mind of beaches, barbecues and babes then you are not alone as there’s just something about the clocks going forward that conjures up images of long hot summer days spent doing exactly as you please.

However, if you’ve just run to your wardrobe to dig out your favourite summer shorts only to find yourself out of breath and the shorts way too small, don’t be surprised if all of those lazy day dreams quickly disappear.

The realisation that you’ve spent the entire winter hibernating in the pub or in front of back to back Sky box sets can be a real slap in the face and if you’re wondering if you’ve still got time to shape up for summer then right here is where you begin to turn things around.

Below are four steps that can help you get fit for summer and if you’re worried about getting sand kicked in your face or, worse, having to go holiday clothes shopping, don’t panic, help is at hand.

  1. Start a daily stretch and exercise routine
    First things first, set your alarm clock 15 minutes early in order to take on a few gentle stretching exercises. This early morning wake up is the perfect way to start each day and if you can, always combine a stretch with a healthy breakfast to nourish your body from the outset of your busy day. Secondly, if you can walk or cycle to work then do it!!! Alternatively, if you have to take the car or public transport then try to do at least a 30 minute walk in your lunch break. Taking a little time in the morning to focus on your physical development is also about establishing good habits and encouraging the right mindset for success, set yourself the target of 2 weeks practicing a new morning routine…after that it will become a natural part of your life and you will reap the rewards.
  2. A little and often is great advice for getting fit for summer
    Although a ten minute stretch and half hour lunchtime walk may not seem like a lot, it all adds up. Ensuring you exercise a little and often is the key to getting fit for the summer as you won’t be scaring yourself into attempting something that’s way out of your comfort zone. After work or in the evening it’s always a good idea to take on a sport or another form of exercise to get you out of the house. Great ideas: swimming, walking or jogging can all be achieved on your own and without having to dip into your pocket for any expensive gym fees.
  3. Find your motivation and get in shape this summer
    If you want to get fit for the summer then it’s up to you to put in the effort and keep motivated.
    Motivational tip 1: fail to prepare…prepare to fail! i.e. Ensure you only supply your fridge and cupboards with the food you need to succeed, a well calculated weekly shop really makes all the difference. Losing body fat is all about the daily details – if you are eating the right foods from dawn till dusk then you will hit your goals!
    Motivational tip 2: ring a date on the calender to help you have an exact moment to aim for in your fitness regime.
    Motivational tip 3: sign up for a marathon or 10k run in order to give yourself something tangible to train for. Getting motivated starts and ends with you and if you really want to get that summer bod then it’s up to you to put in the time in order to reap the rewards.
  4. What you don’t put in, you don’t put on
    Continuously weighing yourself can often give a false impression as toned muscles weigh more than fat so looking at the scales can sometimes have a negative effect on your keep fit progress. We’ll be writing more about what the best meal options are so subscribe to our page to receive more tips about how to keep fit for the summer.


Final thoughts on getting fit for the summer:

No matter why you want to get fit for the summer, you can do it! Will power, healthy routines and a clear sense of motivation can all change how you live your life and if you can aim to adopt this sort of attitude beyond the summer then just think how awesome you’ll look next year!

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