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Hilarious Gym Faces: What Expression Do You Pull Most Often When You’re Working Out?

July 24, 2015
Lawrence Price FaFitSake

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a special gym face when they’re working out? The fact is, when we’re ‘in the zone’; we’re totally focused on the work-out, and completely oblivious to what our expressions are doing in the meantime. The result? Some genuinely hilarious facial movements that are always sure to raise a smile from other fellow gym buddies!

Classic Gym Faces: A Brief Guide

  • The ‘fear’ face. You know this expression. It’s the one every guy or girl gets when they know they’ve over-stretched themselves. It’s that look of wide-eyed panic as they survey the heavy weights above their heads and wonder how the hell they’ll get them back down again without their muscles collapsing. We’ve all been there. We feel your pain!
  • The 6am face. It’s a common face to see in the mornings at the gym. The weary, defeated gaze, the clenched lips; the expression that says quite clearly to the world ‘I’d rather be quite literally anywhere in the world right now than here, working out in the gym at the break of dawn.’ That’s what we call the 6am face. However, respect is due for managing to crawl out of bed in the first instance.
  • The PB (personal best) face. You see that bloke over there, with the look of distinct, unmistakable smug satisfaction in his eyes? The one who is surreptitiously glancing round the room, hoping others have witnessed his achievement? Because yes, this guy has done something very impressive indeed. He’s beaten his personal best, and he wants everyone, including you, to know it. Go on. Give him a smile. He deserves it.
  • The vinegar face. They’re going for it, and they couldn’t be more in the zone if they tried. You can tell this by the look of uncontrolled, unadulterated aggression in their face; the squinting eyes, poochy mouth and sweat dribbling down the forehead. Yes, they look like they’re right in the middle of an activity of a rather more intimate nature. But hey, they’re going for it, and we respect that. The vinegar face is okay by us.
  • Last reps failed face. The look of wounded hurt, that’s a strange blend of upset puppy and enraged gorilla… that’s the sure sign that their work-out isn’t going to plan. They’ll probably follow up on this face by throwing their water bottle angrily down to the floor, or by whipping their towel across the nearest bit of gym equipment, before clenching their fists in an upset ‘why me… WHY?’ Have a bit of sympathy here. It’s happened to the best of us. In reality you want your final reps to be a struggle and to hit failure if you’re building muscle…otherwise you’re not lifting enough. Just make sure you’re training in the right way and you won’t feel dejected when you reach muscle failure at the right moment…

Share Your Gym Faces…

If you’ve got a hilarious gym face that you’d like to share, do send them in!

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