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It’s Time to Get Ripped… Here’s Your Essential Fitness ‘Man-Kit’!

June 24, 2015

Summer is finally here, and that means only one thing… it’s time to get your kit off! Obviously, I don’t mean literally… unless of course, it’s in the privacy of your own home; then by all means, go right ahead. Just don’t show us, cheers.

Instead, I’m talking about hitting the beaches in your swimming trunks, running round the park in your vest top, and playing an impromptu game of football with just your jeans on. I’m referring to all those occasions when you want to feel good about your body, instead of feeling pressured to cover up in order to avoid embarrassment. More importantly, you want to feel healthy and strong enough to get the most out of the summer so getting fit NOW can make all the difference to your upcoming happiness.

Too Self-Conscious? It’s Time to Get in Shape!

If you’re surveying the summer season with a sense of dread, due to the fear of exposing your beer-gut, man-boobs and love-handles; then it’s time to take action… and fast. Hey, you’ve only got a few months left to get in shape, so you need to get started right away.

In addition to a killer fitness regime, you’ll need your essential man-kit; your toolbox of fitness equipment, designed to whip your body into shape faster than you can say ‘I’ll have a Mr Whippy with a flake please’ when you’re next at the beach. Here’s what you’ll need to invest in…

The Essential Man-Kit for Fitness

  • A Bungee Cord. No man should be without a trusty bungee cord. These wonderfully portable fitness cords are perfect for promoting correct movement and activating muscle firing patterns just before you go into your heavy lifts. This will allow you to perform at a higher level and thus create the most change when it comes to your body composition. Also…apparently they are useful for getting a slight muscle ‘pump’ on before you hit the beach by performing lots of reps before you leave your hotel room, but in all honesty who actually does that, uh hum, cough cough?!
  • Quality Zinc and Magnesium supplements. As a man who trains hard and often you need to focus on allowing your muscles to grow and recover! A quality magnesium supplement before bed and some decent Zinc in the morning will help encourage this to happen. Boom.
  • A Chain Belt. Lifting your own body weight with pull ups and dips is great…but we want to aim higher than that because it all starts with strength! Loading up a chain belt when you perform these exercises means you will be able to develop strength more efficiently and also have your own portable strength gym. Take your belt to the outdoor park gyms and hit some pull ups – dips supersets in the sunshine…lifting heavy in the sun, who doesn’t like doing that?!?! Its a great way of improving your body mass to strength ratio whilst soaking up some Vit D.
  • Steel Mace. This is another form of portable training to do anytime anywhere that perfectly compliments your strength push/pull movements from your chain belt sessions. Originally developed by the ancient Persian warriors, this style of training promotes ‘real world’ movement, i.e. its functional. Another benefit is that you are unlikely to be mugged whilst performing this style of training in public!
  • As a man on a mission you are going to need meat, lots of meat. Seeing as this is your ‘Man Kit’ list we want your protein to be easily transportable and as convenient as possible. Therefore we recommend getting your hands on some grass fed Biltong to snack on regularly during your working day. Feed your muscles and they will reward you in kind.

Achieve Results for Summer

If you’re panicking about stripping off for summer, now is the perfect time to get active and make the changes. Start getting the body you want now!

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