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Just how tough is the Tough Mudder assault course?

May 27, 2015

At first glance, and depending on who you speak to, the Tough Mudder assault course is one of the toughest tests of strength and endurance ever devised by man or beast.

Obstacles, such as: Everest, Mud Mile, Electroshock Therapy and Arctic Enema, are designed to strike fear into the hearts of contestants and it’s no surprise that taking part is only to be considered if you’re amongst the fittest and strongest of ultimate urban warriors.

However, the truth of the matter is, Tough Mudder ain’t all that tough. Seriously, if you’ve completed a marathon, a triathlon or even a half marathon then TM should be seen as an extremely achievable challenge as well as a great day out.

Having undertaken the event myself in 2014 I know what I’m talking about and although I’ve previously completed a couple of marathons my 40 year old sister-in-law hadn’t and she still managed to complete the whole thing without too much bother.

So, if you’ve got the fear of the unknown or you’re being put off by those big scary obstacle names then don’t be. Tough Mudder is an amazing event and a challenge that everyone can get their teeth into. Yes, it does require an element or training and yes, you do need to be relatively fit but, it is achievable and definitely not as tough as you might expect. And here’s why…

You might be surprised at just how non-competitive Tough Mudder can be

Unlike a marathon or a race, you’re not being judged on what time you finish the course. The essence of Tough Mudder is to just get round and help other people in the process. This sort of non-competitive spirit helps to create a really wonderful atmosphere and no sooner as you’re herded into one of the starting pens then you’ll quickly realise that you’re part of one big team and no one is expecting anything of you other than to do your best.

The Tough Mudder experience is all about camaraderie

The Tough Mudder ethos is all about helping out your fellow competitors as opposed to beating them. This helps to create a feeling of camaraderie that’s akin to being in the army rather than holding dear to the adage of: every man for himself. When you first encounter an obstacle there are loads of happy helpers who are willing you on and offering assistance wherever you need it. Everyone’s in it together which makes for a truly unique and pretty inspirational experience.

Above everything else: Tough Mudder is a good day out

Darn right it’s a good day out as from losing my trainer in a trench of sticky mud to watching my sister-in-law get pushed over the top of a 12 foot wall, there’s nothing like the TM course for a few laughs. Away from the course there’s plenty of good times to be had too with kids’ courses, beer tents and live music to keep even the most bored of spectators happy and entertained. If you think fun is all about getting down and dirty outdoors surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people then TM is certainly an event worth considering.

You can duck out of any number of Tough Mudder obstacles

There really is no pressure on completing any of the obstacles and as my sis-in-law will testify there’s still plenty to be proud of even if you duck out of one or two tough looking mudders along the way. As most courses are around 12 miles long, there’s still enough of a challenge to be had without having to undertake a single obstacle. Although, once you realise that the worst that’s going to happen is that you get wet, muddy or suffer a minor electric shock, you’ll soon get into the swing of things no matter what your normal levels of bravery.

How hard do you have to train for Tough Mudder?

As with most outdoor activities, you’ll get much more from the experience if you put in at least a few weeks training prior to the event. For me, Tough Mudder training involved running about 5 miles per week, circuit training on outdoor gym equipment and taking on the monkey bars whenever I took my kids to the play park. It does help if you’re fit but you don’t need to prepare too drastically in order to enjoy the day.

It’s good fun

It’s a challenge

It’s achievable

It’s for a good cause.

So, what are you waiting for?

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