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Oxygen Freejumping: Group Fitness Review

June 22, 2016
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I’d stepped back in time, to one of those kids parties where there was joyful mayhem all around me. Everyone had permanent beaming grins etched into their faces as they ran around endlessly bouncing from one installation to the next.

Red glowing faces, sweaty T-shirts, the odd hilarious human collision.

But I wasn’t at a kids party and I hadn’t been cast back in time. I was still thirty two and all the people around me were proper real life adults in their 20’s and 30’s…welcome to Oxygen Freejumping!

Oxygen Freejumping Group Class Review

Oxygen Freejumping Group Class Review


As a modern day fitness practitioner…

…I am well read and experienced in observing the onset of rigidity that comes with adult life in todays world. Both physical and emotionally. Simply put, many adults today suffer from mobility, postural and back issues that inhibit their physical functions and/or stress related anxiety problems that alter their emotional functions by tipping hormone levels south of ideal.

As a coach I am…

…well versed in helping adults to find more physical range but dealing with emotional balance, while linked to physical wellness, can be more tricky.

It was extremely uplifting to see so many grown ups stepping back in time and remembering what it was to be carefree as they embraced their inner child.

In my opinion more adults should put aside time for ‘playtime’ each week and what better place to do this than at Oxygen Freejumping…the trampoline park!

But I wasn’t there for playtime myself…

…I had some serious work to be done as I was attending their signature fitness class ‘Airborne Fitness’. It’s comforting to know that after 10 years as a fitness professional there are still many first time experiences to be enjoyed within this ever evolving industry… and this was certainly one of them.

The Air is Better Up Here - Oxygen Freejumping Review

The Air is Better Up Here – Oxygen Freejumping

Getting to grips…

….with exercise whilst being bounced many metres into the air was very new to me and the concentration required to gain control in this new training environment was certainly doing my co-ordination and proprioception plenty of good.

We all spend so much time loaded up with weight it felt great to enjoy ‘weightlessness’, other benefits include lymphatic drainage… always useful.

Our class was taken by a great fun loving instructor who made it both fun and focussed as he took us through a whole series of build up moves to allow us to get acquainted with the trampolines before the really sweaty stuff took off. By adjusting height and frequency of the exercises we were soon embroiled in a workout unlike any other. Knee tucks were combined with toe grabs, half summersaults and mid air rotations with each impending landing and take off ensuring the mind remained focussed at all times.

The session sparred back and forth between tuition of new moves and periods of high energy. Then we finished up with some core work, which was of particular interest to me as it highlighted one of the class USPs – with no solid backrest the core was really isolated and by the end my abs were screaming for mercy. Mission accomplished!

* To keep some consistency within my series of reviews on London’s top group fitness venues I have devised a rating system that I will apply to every experience I have – hopefully this will help you to decide what venues would best suit you. I love being a ‘fitness tourist’ myself and would encourage you to have a little exercise roaming in your life too…

Oxygen Freejumping

Oxygen Freejumping

With that in mind, here is my rating system being applied to Oxygen Freejumping.

1: Training Environment/Atmosphere: Fun, fun, fun. It’s all about the fun. Fun.

2: Coaching Style: Relaxed and yet informative – I certainly learnt plenty of new moves during this class. Above all our trainer was such a lovely guy!

3: Equipment: Um….trampolines. Lots of trampolines!!!!

4: Bedside Manner/Customer Service: Friendly and efficient.

5: My ‘Knack Factor’ – Sweat…a lot of sweat! I give this a steady knack factor of 6/10…its not really about the extreme fatigue, its about the freedom of movement. And the fun…did I mention the fun?

In summary – Rediscover your inner child and laugh your way through a sweaty workout unlike any other. Plenty of health benefits to be had…just don’t underestimate the power of laughter. Fun times.

*Oxygen Freejumping London is based in Acton.

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