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Some of My “Secrets”: Systems & Gadgets that ‘Upped my Life’.

November 19, 2015
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Like most people, at some point I had asked myself the following questions;


‘Am I doing enough cardio each week?’

‘Do I eat enough vegetables?’

‘Am I hydrated enough of the time?’

‘Am I getting enough quality rest?’

‘Do I eat too many sugary ‘treats’ each week?’

‘Am I as informed and educated as I could be?’

‘Am I time efficient with my days?’


In a bid to ensure the answers I wanted to hear to the above questions I had inadvertently introduced some gadgets and systems into my life. There are more and the list is ever evolving, but I hope you find the following useful and that it benefits you when taking care of those daily details.



The idea for this article came to me after a recent conversation with a client in which I was proclaiming my personal embrace of any gadgets that made it easier to do more of the things I wanted to do, more of the time – in a health and fitness context particularly. This life improvement spans quite a wide horizon of possibility. In general, I encourage people to do things that enable them to be stronger, fitter, healthier…but also happier, more knowledgeable, better rested (mentally as well as physically), to feel less stress/guilt…the list could potentially go on.


Because the list could potentially go on, it is easy to feel slightly overwhelmed and to give up on obtaining those desired outcomes by collectively doing what needs to be done day in day out. But for me, when it comes to living a healthy and happy life the devil is in the detail…along with a hefty dose of consistency. This means there is no wonder ‘diet/fitness pill’ scenario, no quick fix. The results are obtained after a commitment over time to take care of the seemingly daily mundane or to implement the routine that you don’t begrudge and then subsequently rebel against (the odd relapse is fine by the way, just make sure you get back on that horse). Because of this requirement for consistency, if you are battling with too many obstacles to live a healthy and happy life you will eventually give up. Fact.


After the aforementioned conversation with my client I realised that I had brought a number of gadgets and systems into my life to help bust down the obstacles that were present in my life.


Some of My Secrets…. My List of Systems & Gadgets:


Quest Protein Bars – Ok after such a big build up this first one is perhaps a bit of surprise but let me explain my rationale. Having cut all sugar out of my life but also having an irrepressible sweet tooth from time to time (along with an active lifestyle) I was experiencing phases of abstinence followed by bouts of extreme relapses. Cakes, donuts, chocolate everywhere…things often got pretty messy. A change of tact was required. By introducing Quest bars every now and then during the week my urges were satisfied and, while still strictly a processed food, with a very low net carb rating and high in protein I was taking care of my cravings but was also many fewer grams of sugar a month better off. If you think about it, for any sweet toother, this could be a master stroke!


Kindle – I was never a big reader previously. Becoming a real life adult (very recently) completely changed that and I now love to read up on subjects that interest me. I always read my Kindle before bed and on weekend mornings…on the go…fantastic. It has inspired and informed me with great success.


Nutribullet – One of the biggest clichéd health and fitness items on this list – but for a reason. I used to be concerned I wasn’t consuming enough soluble fibre, alkaline and nutritiously dense foods…in one fell swoop this took care of that. Highly convenient.


Sunrise Alarm Clock – This has ‘risen’ as a topic in a previous article. Especially prevalent now that the mornings are dark at wakey wakey time…avoid adrenaline bolts of wake up stress by gently waking and feeling happy. I actually often find myself waking with a small grin on my face. Weird I know – especially for someone who aint built for early starts! Start the day happy and it’s more likely to last.


Bicycle – ‘What could one of these strange contraptions be?’ I hear you say…well while it may seem obvious to some, swapping the hectic public transport commute for a gentle cycle through parks and along the river has downgraded my monthly stress levels ten fold. In fact the stress of late overcrowded buses and tubes has been swapped for beautiful scenic cycles filled with happiness and inspirational sunrises/sunsets.

(Just one example of my commute to work…pretty uplifting)


Abel and Cole Weekly Vegetable box – I used to also be aware that perhaps I wasn’t eating enough vegetables of the required quality each week. So I introduced the Abel and Cole delivered veg box into my life on the premise that I would always have a stack of organic veg that I would HAVE to get through each week. It worked! I now eat tons of veg without even thinking about it…not to mention the variety of nutrients I now consume from lots of different vegetables I previously didn’t even know existed. It’s a highly healthy and highly brainless procedure. For the record, I don’t buy nutritiously bland and flavourless supermarket veg anymore. * Also, as an add on to my veg I also include a weekly order of lovely Welsh water to ensure I drink enough during the day without having to think about it. Drinking enough quality water (not from the tap ideally) is so easy that in my experience it is often over looked by people and neglected. It is amazing how much better your body and mind function when you are hydrated!


Nespresso Coffee Machine – Quick and easy morning expresso straight after my shower. Enough said.


Audio Books/Podcasts – You know those bicycle and Kindle things I mentioned earlier…well it’s tricky to combine the two and still be alive at the end of the day…BUT…With about 2 hours daily spent on my bike, in the gym or walking around town I can now learn amazing things, be inspired to achieve more or be entertained whilst peddling along or lifting heavy things listening to Audible and my Podcasts (obviously not whilst cycling in traffic, don’t be foolish now! Strictly parks only). If you combine all that time over the week then I have the potential of 10 hours extra learning. Pretty awesome.


These are all simple gadgets or add-ons to my weekly routines that stack up over time and make a huge difference. I no longer worry if I am getting enough cardio in each week just as much as I relax in the knowledge that I am eating all my greens! The end result is that I feel pretty damn good most of the time and with little effort required, I certainly don’t resent the process of living a fit and healthy life but instead revel in it.


I recommend that you take some time to consider the obstacles in your life and implement the necessary solutions to overcome them with the minimal effort for the maximum results. A little initial groundwork will massively be worth it. 

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