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To coffee, or not to coffee…and is that even a question???

April 23, 2015

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in the health and fitness industry…but should it even be a question at all? Well the fact is that it is a question…so lets endeavour to answer it.

As with so many health and fitness related questions and debates, the answer starts with a mandatory, ‘it depends…’ the reason for this is that, well, it depends...

It depends on what type of coffee you drink, when you drink it and whether you are somebody who should even be drinking coffee at all (do you suffer from anxiety, burn out, etc, etc – if so then a doctor is the answer, not coffee).

So then, let’s keep this very simple.

What type of coffee should you drink?
– A good quality one, not some dust that’s been tucked up the local shopkeepers arse for 6 years before it ends up on the shelf. Instead go for high quality recently ground beans, spend a little more and get a lot back. High quality coffee can be a decent source of antioxidants and free from nasties you don’t want in your system. I am a coffee snob so I like to grind my beans (oh matron) and make my own at home. Usually I go for Monmouth Coffee because it is rather fantastic and I went to school in Monmouth so there is a certain poetry about the whole thing.

When should you drink coffee?

  • –  Obviously not before bedtime which, as Michael McIntyre points out, makes it seem all the more bizarre how it has established itself as a popular after dinner drink. Well I’m not going to dis tradition too much, all I’m going to say is that caffeine tends to stay in your system for up to 6 hours so if you need your beauty sleep then early afternoon should be the cut off point.
  • –  Personally, I champion two occasions in which drinking coffee can be a good idea. My preference is for a strong black one in the morning … and I may also enjoy one before a workout to improve performance as long as it’s not too late in the day.

*Please drink caffeine responsibly to avoid serious jitters.

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