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Want That Mighty Fine Beach Body? Here’s the Essential Ladies Gym-Kit

June 17, 2015

Is that some sun we see? Whether it’s here to stay or not, one thing’s for sure, those blue skies mean that summer is well on its way. And you know what that means, ladies, don’t you? It means it’s time to start feeling good about yourself and loving your body, especially if you’ve got a particular bikini in mind.

If you’re feeling depressed by the sight of that muffin-top and love-handles (why are they called that? Does anyone actually love them?) then it’s time to start working on getting your body fit and healthy.

Timing Issues?

Are you anxiously looking at the calendar and thinking that you’ve got nowhere near enough time to get toned for the summer? Well, here’s the good news. There’s plenty you can achieve in these months leading up to summer; and trust us, you’ll love the results. And so will all those guys on the beach with their tongues hanging out when they see you strutting your stuff. Honestly… what are they like? Down boys, down!

Here’s the equipment you’ll need to ensure you’re looking phenomenal for the summer.

The Essential Ladies Kit for Fitness

  1. Set of weights. Few items of fitness equipment are as helpful at toning arms and shoulders as a good set of weights. Use them for added resistance every time you do any aerobic activity, or use them each morning for a great muscle-strengthening regime.
  1. Yoga DVD. Yoga is such a powerful way of toning those abs and lengthening muscles, giving you a lean, healthy look. Invest in a good yoga DVD, or you could even download an app on your tablet; whatever works for you, sister! Chanting and ‘omming’ is entirely optional. Hey, what you do in your spare time is entirely up to you…
  1. Resistance tube. If you want to start working those muscles hard, invest in a resistance tube. It helps you stretch your way to a super-fine toned look. Resistance tubes come in different levels, so you may want to initially invest in a beginner’s one, then work your way up.
  1. Swiss ball. Let’s face it, when it comes to that bikini, all eyes are on the stomach. As a result, you’ve got to work those core muscles, and work them hard. A swiss ball is a great way of doing this, and it will also help you improve your natural balance and stability too.
  1. Foam roller. A roller is a really versatile tool, and can be used to strengthen those back muscles (vital if you want an all-over sexy silhouette), stomach or legs. So get rolling, girls!

Make it Happen for the Summer

If you want to feel body confident, there’s only one person who can make that happen… and that’s you! Good luck!

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