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Simply put…

I love fitness and love to share…so let’s share the love!

I’ve been extremely lucky…

…to have trained with some fantastic people during 8+ years working as a Personal Trainer. Sometimes I may be in the gym testing new boundaries with a familiar client in West London, other times I may be on a film set with a leading Hollywood actor focussing on their physical development while other times I may be in a beautiful foreign clime training with a group looking to escape the routine of their daily grind. Whoever I have trained, one thing has always rung true – people tend to be happier and more successful when they make the most of the physical attributes they have and embrace the potential of the human body.

When I’m not training people I am…

…often talking to friends about ways in which to live a healthy and fit life that’s all about balance…i.e. efficient training and nutrition that elevates your ability to thrive (not just survive) as a human being coupled with the capacity to have fun and party or relax guilt free from time to time. Perhaps there are too many fitness pros who forget that there is more to life than just practicing self restraint and ‘living to train’, I think we should ‘train to live’! After all, what’s the point in being fit and healthy if you never use your super powers to live a full and enterprising life?

Life should be a bit of an adventure…

…you’ll need to be strong and open minded to get the most out of it,

Hopefully my fitness blog can help get you one step closer to living the dream

…so here we go!

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