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Why are marathons such incredibly emotional events?

July 30, 2015
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No matter where you’re running a marathon, nine times out of ten there will be a few tears shed along the way. Whether these tears are joyful and euphoric or tinged with loss, will depend on your own personal circumstances and understanding why marathon running can be such an emotional affair can be really important prior to getting started.

Below are just a few of the reasons why your heartstrings as well as your hamstrings might get stretched over the course of a marathon. And if you’re wondering what you’ll take from the experience then don’t be afraid to open up and dig deep as you prepare for an emotional roller coaster to remember for all time.

Writing your name on your shirt and listening to the crowds cheer you on is definitely a motivational experience not to be missed.

Your reasons for running a marathon matter

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a day job, if you’re running a marathon then remembering your reasons for doing so are all that counts. It’s just this sort of depth that helps make the whole event such a unique and intoxicating experience. Your reasons for running are your own and raising funds or awareness for a particular charity definitely heighten the levels of motivation, inspiration and emotion that you’ll no doubt feel over the course of the day.


Other people’s reasons for marathon running matter too

When you’re lining up at the start of a marathon it’s impossible not to be overtaken with the depth of emotion being exhibited by other runners and the crowd. Banners, photographs and fancy dress will all display reasons why people are running or supporting. Public outpourings of positivity like this you don’t see very often in daily life which is why emotions run high as you begin to understand that every person running that marathon has a different story to tell.


The general outpouring of positivity on marathon day is immense

The music, the high fives and the strangers cheering your name, there’s no point holding back the emotions when you’re running a marathon as experiences like this can often only happen once or twice in a lifetime. Wearing headphones can be a great way to get through the event however, writing your name on your shirt and listening to the crowds cheer you on is definitely a motivational experience not to be missed.


Marathons are all about the thought process

If you can just imagine how much a marathon will begin to take over your life as you near the big day then it’s easy to see why emotions can often come flooding out before, during and after the finish. 26.6 miles is a long old way and although you might be running with your pals or new found friends, a lot of that time is going to be made up with your own thought process.


  • Why are you running?
  • What else is on your mind?
  • Who’s waiting for you at mile 16?


You’re bound to find plenty of time to think it all through.


Marathons can be all about the stress relief

The challenge of completing a marathon involves a huge amount of psychological as well as physiological effort that you might not be expecting. Once you’re rounding the final bend or you can see a landmark in sight, it’s really difficult to hold back the emotions. The euphoria of mental and physical stress relief that you’ll encounter is often beyond compare and when coupled with the actual event itself, it’s easy to see why marathons can be such emotional events.

Planning and preparing for a marathon is the key to enjoying the big day to the best of your ability. Emotions are tricky things to prepare for which is why there’s no point in doing so. Just be aware that there might be tears and contemplation mixed with waves of euphoria and elation.

Best advice is not to fight whatever you’re feeling. Bring everything that you can to the event and just remember to take your time and make the most of every memorable moment as these sorts of experiences don’t come around too often.

Where to run a marathon ?

I always wanted to check out Venice, so I thought a good way of doing it and avoiding the crowds would be to participate in the Venice Marathon 25th October 2015. At least this way we’ll be moving in the same direction. I know I’ll love every second and I look forward to sharing this emotional experience with you all. #Venicemarathon #VM10KM

Live it and love it before getting on and running it.

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